Friday Update

Two updates in one day 🙂 This one is even current:

Today was a quieter day. After breakfast, we said goodbye to our ministry hosts who were flying home. One of our team members is going to Port au Prince for the day also, but we’ll meet him at the airport tomorrow. We went for a long walk through town, saw the main city soccer field and the hospital. The cholera ward was very active due to the increase in cholera again this season. It was very hot and sunny, so once we dragged ourselves back to the hotel in the heat we jumped in the pool. After lunch we had a rousing game of Pictionary and then we all went down for a nap. A very relaxing day, but well deserved after several 12 hour work days. This afternoon we should be going back to the orphanage for a little while to spend time with the kids, then we’ll have a debriefing, closing meeting tonight.

Tomorrow, 4 of us are visiting another orphanage for a couple days while the rest of the team flies home.


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