Thursday Update

The internet has been really spotty, so I’m not sure if Kevin didn’t write a Tuesday and Wednesday update, or if it will show up once he gets home.  But for now, here’s Thursday:

Lots of production this afternoon. The deadline was 4:30 and we just made it. We played pictionary while waiting for our much delayed ride back to the orphanage. The presentation was tonight and it went very well. We got lots of thank yous. We all sang a hymn at the end of the presentation. That’s never happened before. The baby and dog sat in rapt attention at each presenter’s feet. Then we all got huge watermelon pieces as a thank you.

So, now that Kevin is done at Mirebalais, the team will have a day of debriefing, and then most of them will head home.  Kevin and a few others, though, will head to Petionville to revisit the God’s Littlest Angels orphanage – Kevins’ very FIRST project in Haiti (and his very first project as eMi Staff).  Pray for them all as they travel – and for the part of the team staying behind, as they advise on some potential changes to the design.


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