Superhero Teens

It’s race weekend!  These 3 superheros – Talia, her friend, and Kaisa – are running a half-marathon.


Yes, that’s 21.1 km.  Yes, they’re crazy.  And perhaps Kevin is the biggest superhero (or the craziest!) of them all . . . he’s offered to somehow pace all three teens through their half-marathon finish.  Talia has done it before, so she’ll mostly be on her own sticking with a pace bunny.  Kaisa & Kiah are running this distance for the very first time.  They’ll likely run together with both determined to outsprint the other in the final meters.

They’re all part of #TEAMEMI . . . and they’re raising money to mobilize an eMi team to design an outreach centre in Mexico in the fall.  Will you consider sponsoring them? It would be a huge encouragement to them!





They’re all set to go! Next stop, start line.  (And a couple hours later . . . the finish line!)




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