Into the home stretch

There wasn’t too much to report for Wednesday. Half the team went to the site to do percolation and water quality tests. Half stayed back to meet some more people and to work on the layout plan. We worked well into the evening, had some devotionals and went to bed a little later than the first few nights. Sleep has been a bit erratic but I finally had a solid long sleep. Now I need a couple more of these and I will be back to normal on the time change. This would be just in time for the flight back when I have to do it again.

That was Kevin’s email from yesterday.  This morning, he actually called (thanks, Skype).  It was 3 p.m. his time, and they were less than 24 hours away from thier final presentation – and the staff/student soccer match that was scheduled immediately after the presentation, so no leeway to go late 😉

The plans are coming together well, and the team feel like they are accomplishing lots.  They’ve had good communication with the local engineers and maintenance team to speak into the plans. They’ve got lots to finish up, but it’s coming along (and don’t they have a luxurious-looking makeshift office? )

The biggest challenge will be communicating something as technical as water/wastewater infrastructure to those higher up on the heirarchy scale so that they understand enough to fully buy-in (which ultimately will affect whether things get built as designed).  Keep praying for them as they put the finishing touches on their designs and as they present back to the ministry!



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