The Rest of the Story

So . . . I knew God had been busy answering prayers . . . but I just had to share Kevin’s update from this afternoon:

OK, we have all landed in Lagos now and all our baggage arrived. Everything was against John making it though. He had several visa issues in the application process, then his visa didn’t arrive until the day before his flight, then his first flight was delayed 3 hours, then the travel agent bailed him out on the second flight so he could make his fourth flight so he could land in Lagos with the rest of us so he could make his fifth flight with us. He didn’t have his yellow fever vaccination card with him so he had to use his charm with security. But since he was a senior and he was doing volunteer work they let him go.

Berlin from India made it a couple hours after us but he didn’t have any troubles and we connected at the hotel.

Now we all need a good night’s sleep before the traffic noise picks up again. It is 10pm now and the highway is still very noisy with honking. But not as loud as it was a couple hours ago

So . . . please keep praying for Kevin & the team (maybe especially for John 😉 )  I’ll keep you posted .  . . 



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