Nigeria – Take 2

Kevin’s not quite in Nigeria yet . . . but he is en route, which is further than he got last project trip.  Right now, he’s on a 12-hour flight from Texas to Nigeria . . . pray that he manages to get some sleep!

But let’s back up a bit . . .Kevin & Nigeria . . .  this is not the same project that got postponed in January. That project – to design a Children’s Home (Austin’s vision, for those who get the eMi newsletters) – has been rescheduled for the fall.

Rather, this is a civil-specific team heading to a Christian University in Benin City.  This university is training Christian leaders to take the country in a Godly direction, and they have a vision to expand with a new satellite campus.  The Engineering Ministries International team will be providing a high-level infrastructure design framework for the local engineers to use as a guideline for the remainder of the construction.  (I’m not sure what all that means either – which is why I’m at home, and Kevin is en route to Nigeria 😉 ).

What I do know, is that we’ve already seen God mightily answering prayers for this trip.  Kevin, of course, had his visa already, as did his volunteer from India who had been planning on coming on Kevin’s previous trip.  But the day before yesterday, one of the American volunteers had not received his visa – in fact, it didn’t even seem to be in the system. Our well-travelled volunteer had little hope that it would show up on time.  We prayed about this visa during our morning prayer time at the eMi Canada office . . . and half an hour later Kevin got a call that the visa had been tracked down at would be overnighted to arrive the next day.  That evening at Care Group we prayed that overnight delivery would actually be overnight delivery, and indeed, the visa was in our volunteer’s hands with a very comfortable 20 0r so hours to spare 🙂

Then the flights today . . . we heard this afternoon that a Chicago flight was delayed by at least 3 hours, meaning there was a very real chance this volunteer would miss the connecting flight to Nigeria.  Again, we prayed.  And again, God answered.  I was thrilled to get Kevin’s text tonight that John made it and all the volunteers were accounted for (except for the Indian volunteer who is flying a different route and will meet them in Nigeria itself).

So – don’t stop praying!!  Kevin is asking for prayer for himself and the team as they interact with the leadership, as they bond as a team, as they discover how God is working in Nigeria, and as they learn how God will use them there, as well as for safety in this volatile country.  I’m hoping they’ll have a good internet connection so that Kevin can keep us updated . . . but even if they don’t, you can use eMi’s prayer guide to give you an idea of what to pray for throughout the week.



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