‘Tis the Season

. . . for Missions Fests.  With Kevin’s January trip cancelled, he’s been scheduled in for 4 of the 5 Missions conferences that eMi Canada does each year between January and March.  That’s Winnipeg, Edmonton, Fort St. John and Halifax (he just didn’t get to go along for Vancouver)!

I love going along to some of these Missions Conferences, because walking through the exhibit halls is in itself so encouraging.  There are so many ways to be involved in building the Kingdom of God!  It’s always fun to watch people walk past the Engineering Ministries International booth, glance up at our banner, and do a double take.  In Edmonton last weekend, we talked to lots of engineers & architects – and lots of parents of engineers & architects, grandparents of engineers & architects, spouses of engineers & architects . . . you get the picture.  Kevin also hosted a luncheon on “designing in the developing world” in Winnipeg, and led a seminar on “Water Treatment on the Mission Field for Dummies” in Edmonton.  He’ll present “Big Visions, Small Ministies around the World” in Fort St. John, and I’ll get to do “Intercultural Communication” in Halifax.

Ready for the Water Purification Seminar


Missions Fest is also one of the places that we connect up with past and potential client ministries, since so many ministries are there exhibiting too. While the hours are often looooong, there’s definitely a camaraderie that develops between the exhibitors and it’s definitely neat to be able to say, “Well, eMi designed the new orphanage for Impact Ministries, and the House of New Dreams for Place of Rescue, and a couple of hospitals for SIM.  We’ve got a team at the YUGO ministries site right now designing their Rosarita Centre, and Kevin’s first trip was to design a Women’s Transition Home for Transform Asia . . . “.  We’re looking forward to seeing which projects we heard about for the first time this year will eventually develop into eMi projects.

After all the Missions Fests are done, Kevin is off to Nigeria.  This is a different trip than the one that was planned in January (it sounds like that one is now scheduled for the fall.)  The April trip is specifically about infrastructure development, so Kevin and a team of civils and electricals will be working with some local engineers to design an infrastructure plan for a Christian University.  He’s excited to do a more engineering-centric project :).

students at the university

Thanks for your continued prayers, financial support, and encouragement.  While these last few months looked a bit different than we expected, we’ve certainly kept busy and we’re enjoying introducing people to eMi.



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