When Plans Change

Last Thursday, after much prayer, consternation, emails, faxes, phone calls and overnight couriers, Kevin’s Nigerian visa finally arrived – with a whole week to go before he was getting on the airplane!  We celebrated, and Kevin pulled out his suitcase.  He was going to Nigeria.

Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city . . . ” (James 4:13)

That was Thursday.  Then came Sunday.  On Sunday, Kevin received an email from Austin, our Nigerian ministry representative – the “client” who the eMi team was going to serve. Austin had arrived in Nigeria a week early to make the final preparations for the team. And while he was there, some security information came to light specifically relating to the state and city where the team was going.  In light of this information, the ministry made the tough call to cancel the team.  The trip to Nigeria was off.

Needless to say, we’re disappointed.  We know that the ministry has the potential for great impact in the area, and we know that security issues will not only delay our trip, but also the project as a whole. But this is why it’s so important that we partner with ministries in-country – they have their ear to the ground, and know much better than we do whether travelling to a particular area at a particular time is wise or unwise.  And, as one of our friends put it, we can be thankful these issues came to light BEFORE Kevin left on his trip.

We rest assured that this cancellation came as no surprise to God – though we feel like we’re scrambling a bit to figure out what Kevin will be doing the next few months. Kevin’s intern has been reassigned to a different project trip.  There’s a chance Kevin may travel with another team later these term, though those options are still being explored.  Kevin will likely be heading to Missionfest Manitoba in a couple weeks (anyone want to meet up with him in Winnipeg?).  Please pray as the details fall into place.  Also, Kevin’s next scheduled project is also to Nigeria.  Please pray for wisdom for that ministry as they decide whether the time is right to host an eMi team.

Thanks for your prayers!  We’ll try to keep you posted.


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