From Design to Reality

At Engineering Ministries International, we do a lot of master planning and design.  Occasionally, a project will start construction almost right away – like the Welcome Home Children’s Centre design in Haiti from our last post.  But more often, it’s a process of hurry up and wait, as eMi completes the final report, then the ministry goes through the process of fundraising, figuring out logistics, possibly hiring contractors or purchasing supplies . . .  it’s a process that can take months and years.

How exciting though, when we see phe projects moving from design to reality.  Here’s some progress we’ve seen this year:

Shalom University, D.R. Congo

Kevin went to Bunia, D.R. Congo in February 2014 to develop a Campus Master Plan.  This year saw . . .

A classroom building go up:


And some electrical issues get dealt with:


Heart for Home Vocational Training Centre, Haiti

Kevin went to Port Salut, Haiti, in March of 2013 to design a vocational training centre for orphans who are aging out of the orphanage system.

Since then, they’ve been working on their drainage channel – a major issue for the site – and doing some agriculture projects on the land.  And…

They got the washroom block up!

Haiti Children’s Aid Society Orphanage, Haiti

In June 2011, Kevin took a team to Haiti to design an orphanage and compound.  We’ve been seen steady progress over the years, and in July of this year . . .

The kids moved in!


Here’s what the compound looks like all done.  Isn’t it beautiful?:


Thanks for coming alongside us and allowing us to bless these ministries with the gift of a good design.  Together we’re allowing them to make an impact in their communities & to share God’s love in a practical way!

(Want to learn more about partnering with us?  Check out information about our support team)


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