Remember This?


This was the #eMiC10048 Haiti Team earlier this year (can you pick out Kevin, Talia & Kaisa?), standing on the footprint of the new building we’d designed for the Welcome Home Children’s Centre.

Here’s the rendering:

And guess what?  Here’s the construction progress that has happened since our team was there in February:


(This photo was taken over a month ago already, so they may even look more alike by now)

Doesn’t it look great? It’s always so enouraging to see buildings taking shape from Engineering Ministries Intenational designs.  It’s also pretty exciting because we know the first kids who are going to live here, whose lives will be impacted by this design:


These are them.  We played with them and hugged them, and we’re excited that they’re getting a new, permanent home!  This is what designing a world of hope looks like 🙂  Thanks for being part of designing a world of hope!


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