Sharing EMI

Every year,  Engineering Ministries International hosts a conference to allow volunteers to network and to learn more about designing in the developing world.  The conference moves around the U.S. (this time in was in the D.C. area), and Kevin’s gone a few times – he’s even taught some seminars while he was there.  This year, though, eMi Canada decided to send me rather than Kevin.  Greg (eMi Canada’s Director) was already presenting, so my whole role for the conference was to connect with people.  I loved it!  I loved hearing where people were on their journey with eMi and what God was doing in their lives.  Some had just recently heard about eMi and were deciding whether to come on their first trip, others were well on their way in the process of joining staff, and everything in between!  Three of our volunteers from the Haiti trip were there for the weekend, and one from our El Salvador trip, a few former eMi Canada interns, and a bunch of people I had worked with when I was still editing eMi’s technical newsletter (not to mention staff from the other offices – it was so nice to see them face to face!)  Please pray for everyone who was there, as they take the next steps that God is prompting them to take.

This weekend, we once again get to share about eMi.  Here in Calgary, eMi Canada is having our annual Dessert Evening & Silent Auction.   There’s lots of neat items up for bids . . . everything from things our teams have brought home from project trips to tickets to “Alvin & the Chipmunks – the Musical” donated by Arts Commons and  a signed hockey jersey donated by the Calgary Flames.  But more than that, we get to share some of the stories about how God has been using eMi around the world.  If you’re in the area, feel free to join us.  It’s on Saturday at Foothills Alliance Church @ 6:45 p.m.  (You can RSVP here).


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