Another Day in Paradise

We are staying at hotel paradise on the Nile for the whole week. It is quite nice here but we have only had one chance to use the pool so far.

Hotel Paradise

The final presentation is Friday evening. They thought they would invite the kids to the presentation but then the local house mother changed her mind saying it would not be good for the kids to get their hopes up since it would look like they are moving into a castle in comparison and they would lord it over other kids.

We are over the hump in the design. Another long day today and we should be nearly ready to present in Friday. At least the architects will be ready. I think civil and electrical might not quite be ready but that might be okay.

design review with the ministry

We finally finished our testimonies yesterday. We did the last 3 yesterday (since the ministry has been joining us we have to get through 17 testimonies). We have been very tired in the evenings so it has been tough to get more in.

Please pray for Kevin & the team as they make the final push for the in-country design.  Pray that they can work through the tiredness and the complexities of the project to put on paper God’s vision for Chayah.  And pray that in the midst of it all, they can hear God as he works on their individual lives too.

Oh – and if you want to hear what it’s like to have an Engineering Ministries International team visit from a client perspective, take the time to check out Chayah’s Blog. Here’s some of my favourite quotes:

“EMI is wonderful and flexible and listens and adjusts and readjusts and doesn’t throw things at us when we change our minds yet again.” (Sept 17, 2015).

“We’ve spent quite a bit of time with [the eMi team] on the land and are able to visualize Chayah’s new home, farm and church on the  rich red soil.” (Sept 16, 2015)

“Eleven smart, educated, kind, giving people from their early 20’s to grandparents, men and women and oh my goodness the skill and gifts God has given them.  Their roles this week became clear to us early on…but their hearts give away the reasons they are here to serve us and Chayah’s children and the Lord . . . Our anticipation is great as we watch them looking every which way, and asking all the right questions, studying this place in an effort to understand first before their creative minds begin to piece together a Master Plan for us.” (Sept 12, 2015)


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