Keep Smiling :)

Today we had to wake up with a smile and keep it on. It was picture day.

In the summer, Engineering Ministries International had hired a videographer to document the survey practicum and he needed a little more footage. So he came out with the Ugandan surveyors from Kampala this morning to join them on site.

Videographer at work

Erin from the eMi Uganda office joined us for the day as a photographer to get some photos for the Inside EMI magazine.

Josh is on our team for the week as our team photographer and so since this was a site day he wanted to join the site crew too. So for the 5 people working in site today we have to smile for 3 separate cameras all taking the same shots.

Today was our big site day. We met our local Ugandan volunteer surveyors on site with the equipment we had brought. They spent most of the day finishing up the survey they had started in July.


The civil guys did some reconnaissance and some percolation tests. I did some investigation as to the property extents.

Percolation Test

The architects met with the ministry in the morning for an intensive programming meeting.

In the afternoon we set up the office and started drawing and calculating.

Architect at Work

The team is finally gelling a little. We did half the testimonies last night and prayed for each other. That always helps to open people up to each other. Tonight we will be hearing some more testimonies.

I finally slept well last night. I slept a full 7 hours which is much more than the previous 4 nights. Most things have momentum now so I am not in such high demand any more. The pressure is off a little for a few days. I needed that. I think I will go for a swim or a run to clear my head. And maybe take a nap.

Please pray for Kevin & the team, that they continue to gel, that they will be able to get Chayah’s vision on paper, and that they’ll get all the information they need to do a great job on the design.  Pray too for good rest in the midst of the high intensity of a project week.  Oh – and if you want to see more pictures . . . they’re available here.


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