Made it to Chayah

We have now made it to Chayah, meet the kids and seen the land. It should be a great week.

We met the Chayah kids on Saturday. There are 14 girls ranging from 5 to 21 and 5 boys. They all live in one house started by one local lady Janet. They sang us a welcome song and we stayed around for an hour or so talking with them and touring the existing facility.

We went to the site for a couple minutes just to get a glimpse of it. We will do more site visits later in the week. The land has a lot of potential. We are excited to see what can be done to house these kids, add a school and clinic.

team on the site

In the evening back at the hotel we went for a swim, had dinner then had a sharing time. We collapsed into bed again.

There is a lot of work to do this week and a lot of coordination to get people to and from the site.

So far we are all still feeling well, even after our chicken on a stick beside the road for lunch yesterday.

Chicken on a stick

3 thoughts on “Made it to Chayah

    1. Sorry about that! I had been using facebook to host the photos, and they changed the direct links on me. I likely won’t be going back to fix the dead links, though new photos I post will be hosted differently. The links to the project trip albums should still work.

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