Landed with Luggage :)

The first indication I got that Kevin arrived in Uganda was a text late yesterday afternoon:

We mad it.  All our luggage made it.  We all made it.  Thanks for praying

Arriving with luggage is always a good thing 🙂 .  It was late when they arrived, so the more complete update waited until today:

We got to the hotel last night at 11pm. The two from Asia were already there. They had arrived 8 hours before.

So we went straight to bed and then got up early. No one wanted to run with me so I didn’t go very far (less than 1km) since I didn’t know where I was going and the roads were getting busy already at 6:30 am.

African sunrise

The dozen monkeys on the property entertained us while we waited for everyone to get ready. They are very busy monkeys. I think they were trying to drop things on our heads from the trees.

We had a very good breakfast. Then our driver arrived. We packed everything on the roof and on the extra seats. Then we piled in.

Ready to Roll

We visited the EMI office for 4 hours. They gave us an orientation to design in Uganda. I could have done the presentation too, but I am glad I didn’t have too. We picked up some more survey stuff from the office and then drove to Kampala. We stopped at a bank to exchange some money and then to buy water. Then we arrived at the next guesthouse in Kampala.

eMi EA office

We had dinner together with the ministry and we got to know each other too. Now we are crashing early and will be ready for breakfast at 6. It only gets light at 6:15 and we will be driving all day so I guess I won’t get my run in tomorrow.

It looks like a good team. But we have multiple structural engineers and multiple architects so I don’t know what kind of building we will get. I am not sure if the engineers or the architects will win in the design 🙂 .

Keep praying for the team, as they get to know each other and the ministry, and as they travel to the Chayah site.

I’ll be adding pictures here as Kevin sends them.


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