That Fall Trip always sneaks up on us

Summer holidays are done, the kids are back at school, I’m back in the office, and . . . wait, what?  Kevin’s on his way to Uganda?

You’d think after 8 years with Engineering Ministries International, I’d be used to the fact that Kevin leads a project trip early in the fall . . . he does this every year.  But this year, a combination of late holidays and an extra-early trip meant that Kevin only had a few full work days between the two.  In the midst of trying to find our fall routine, Kevin was scrambling to get his last minute errands done before heading off to the airport.

Kevin with a couple of his interns at the Calgary Airport

Please pray, as Kevin and the team travel to Njeru, Uganda to design a children’s home for Chayah Ministries International. Pray for safe travels, for logistics to fall into place, for good relationships between a very multi-cultural team, and for a great design that will serve the needs of Chayah’s children.

Kevin’s hoping to have decent access to internet while he’s there, so I’ll update you as I can . . . in the meantime, here’s a project trip prayer guide that highlights the prayer needs of a typical project trip.


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