Summer Wanderings

If you’re on our email list, you should have received our summer Wiens Wanderings newsletter in your inbox yesterday.  If you didn’t, let me know – there’s a few email addresses that are bouncing these days.  And if you’re not on the list and you’d like to be, sign up here!


And . . . for those who wanted to see the article published about the girls’ trip to Haiti . . . here it is.


Hope you all have wonderful summer plans.  Talia & Kaisa are on holidays now – Talia is volunteering a bit at Camp Little Red (as a Jr Wrangler!), and Kaisa is hoping to spend some time babysitting and doing odd jobs to earn money for a big school trip next year (she’s got a lawn mowing job and a baby sitting job lined up for later today).  Kevin’s got his big race coming up later in the summer.  As a family, we’ve got a bit of camping planned, and we’ll be heading to the Okanagan at some point to spend time with both our families.  There won’t be any lack of things to do to keep us busy – and around here there’s certainly no lack of places to enjoy God’s creation!


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