Two months ago

Has it really been two months since we landed in Haiti?  Two months since Talia wrote, “Haiti is awesome. Yet while driving through the crowded streets it felt normal. I guess I have seen that many pictures. This is going to be fun.“?

We’ve told our story many times since then – to friends, to family, at school, at work, at Care Group, in Sunday School, at Mission Vision, at our home church in Fort St. John and even to a local community newsletter.  Each time the story is a bit different, because yes, even now, two months later, we’re still processing all that we saw and heard and felt.

But today I want to share with you a really special rendition of our story.  At her Oma’s request, Talia typed up the journal that she kept while in Haiti and added a few pictures.  She’s already shared it with her grandparents, and I asked special permission to share it here too .  . . because, well, I think you’ll enjoy it:

Talia’s Haiti Journal


4 thoughts on “Two months ago

  1. Hello, Michele! Talia has kept up a very good journal indeed! Good writing, with lots of pictures! My Congratulations to her.

    The way she has related to her companions in the journey, they girls in Haiti, and her words about the ‘Blind’ boy, as breaking her heart, show that Talia has a heart of God. God Bless.

    I hope her toes are Ok now. …I like her Faith, which makes her say: ‘Everything is possible with God,’ and, ‘Everything is with God,’ etc.

    God bless You for the difference You have made in those Orphans’ lives. What with the tooth paste and brushes, and the Rattle for the little boy which made him so happy.

    Let me stop now with Love and Regards to You all. 🙂

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