Packing and preparation

2 more days.  That’s all that’s left until we leave for Haiti.  Our bags are mostly packed – and there’s definitely no space to spare!  We get 1 suitcase each.  Between our 4 and the 2 belonging to the interns also leaving from Calgary, we’ve managed to pack:

  • water test kits, a pocket penetrometer, a TDS meter, measuring tapes, a portable printer and all sorts of other engineering-type stuff
  • first aid kits, headlamps, plug adapters and all the other important travel-type stuff on Kevin’s lists
  • craft items, both from our own stash and donated by our church to do a craft day with the kids there
  • several quilts sewn by kids from our church
  • pillow case dresses and shorts sewn by a friend with a heart for orphans
  • hats knit by Talia
  • t-shirts from a friend of eMi
  • some hand-me-down clothes
  • small toys and school supplies from Talia’s friends (what Talia asked for instead of birthday presents this year)
  • some hot chocolate (a special request!) & peanut butter
  • toothbrushes donated by a friend and toothpaste donated by our dentist
  • donated soccer balls and a pump
  • some more school supplies from DeliverGood
  • oh – and our own clothes and toiletries and such 😛
Kaisa checking the weight on her suitcase

Of course, packing lists are only one part of the preparation, and we’re thankful to all of you who have been praying for us as we prepare spiritually too. Every eMi trip involves spiritual warfare at some level, and Haiti can be a dark place.  As counter-intuitive as it seems, it’s surprisingly easy, in the midst of a missions trip, to get too busy to spend time with God! Please pray for us as we go, that we’d be open to what God is teaching us and open to the opportunities that he puts in our path.

If we have internet access, I’ll try to keep this blog updated (or maybe Kaisa will 😉 ).  But just in case I don’t, here’s a prayer guide that takes you through a typical eMi project trip.  We arrive in Haiti on Valentine’s Day (we get a 24-hour family holiday in New York first 🙂 ).  You can also add to pray for the girls on the 16th & 17th – the Welcome Home kids have those days off school and the girls have been asked to share some crafts or plays or whatever those two days (the 17th is Mardis Gras in Haiti – you could pray for that too).

Thank you for your prayers, gifts, donations and all the other ways you’ve encouraged us en route to Haiti.  We can’t wait to report back what God has done!


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