Christmas Blessings

We’re home and anticipating a quiet New Year’s Eve – especially since the colds that are going around have hit our family too. But that’s okay – some family games until midnight sound just about right to bring in 2015 – and if we get really energetic we can go for a midnight skate on Bowness Lagoon.

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas.  Calgary had a cold snap the first weekend of advent – and that meant we got our decorating and Christmas baking done early on.

With Haiti coming up, we had warned our kids that it would be a smaller Christmas – but God seems to have had different plans.  Our family got showered with gift cards and gifts – including digital cameras under the Christmas Tree for our girls from a very special Secret Santa so that they can both record their experiences in Haiti.

On Boxing Day, we headed to the Kootneys to join Kevin’s brothers and his parents for a few days of “family” Christmas.  Grandma & Grandpa had all 9 of their grandkids there – and an extended family photo was on the agenda!  My sister-in-law is an amazing hostess, the cousins had such a good time together, and the adults enjoyed a chance to catch up too.

The weather turned cold as we headed back to Calgary, and we’ve spent a quiet day or two relaxing and recovering.  Kevin went into the office for a few hours today, processing end-of-year donations for eMi.  I’ve been slowly undecorating the house. We may end 2014 without too much fanfare . . . but it’s been a good year.


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