Progress Towards Haiti

Today was a big day towards our Haiti trip:

1.  Our tickets are booked!  Kaisa poured over the itinerary this afternoon, and can now tell you how long each flight is, which meals we’re getting, and even our ticket agent’s name 😉 .  Having tickets in hand makes it all seem a bit more real . . .

2. We got our shots! Well, all except for Kevin – he doesn’t need any new ones this time around.  There’s nothing like immunizations to make a trip feel real.  I needed one, and the girls each got two.  We left the travel clinic with a stack of prescriptions and some very sore arms.

3. We met with our pastor! Our church knows, of course, that we’re doing this trip.  But it was neat to sit down and share our vision and feel the support that comes with being part of a church family.  It’s exciting!  There’s another family doing a family mission trip next year, and their kids are the same age as ours – so we’ll be sharing at church on the same day (January 18th at Westview for those in Calgary) and the kids will host a bake sale together . . .

Thanks to all of you who are partnering with us on this trip!  We’re the ones who get to go, but you’re a vital part of the team through your prayers and through your support . . .  I’m so excited to see what God has planned . . .


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