Haiti – for ALL of us!

When we started full-time with eMi Canada 7+ years ago, our girls were pretty little, but even then they had a heart for missions.  I remember explaining what a missionary was to 5-year-old Talia, and her immediate response: “Can we do that?”.

The girls at their first Missionsfest – the words they wrote say “God wants me to help others and to tell others about God”

Since then, they’ve developed into some pretty amazing young ladies who can rattle off more countries in Africa than in Europe and who know that missions can be both on their doorstep and around the world.  They’ve followed with interest both the ministries that Kevin has served through eMi and the ministries they’ve developed a heart for through the many missionsfests that they have attended.  And yet, they’ve never been outside of Canada and the U.S.  For years, we’ve been praying for an appropriate eMi project trip so that Talia & Kaisa can gain a deeper understanding of what it is God has called our family to do.  At just the right time, God has answered.  In February, God-willing, we’ll be going to Haiti as a family.

The three of us at eMi Canada’s recent dessert evening

The project is a fairly typical Engineering Ministries International trip – we’ll be travelling to Marotte, Haiti with the team that will design a Children’s Centre for Welcome Home Children’s Centre on newly purchased land.  Kevin is right now recruiting a team of engineers, architects and surveyors who have the design and technical skills for this project.  Welcome Home Children’s Centre already exists though – they are currently providing a permanent home for 10 children in rented facilities.  However, the landlord has asked for his house back, and the Centre needs to move by April.  Welcome Home also has a vision to expand from 10 children to 50-75 children.  So the team will have their work cut out for them!

A bit outdated – but these are some of the Welcome Home Kids

We’re excited that Welcome Home Children’s Centre has some experience in hosting teams of teenagers – so we’re hoping that there will be a role for the girls to play (besides holding survey rods and helping make power point presentations pretty).  We’re also excited that the Welcome Home children attend school in French; Talia & Kaisa are both currently in French immersion and we’re hoping that they’ll be able to use their new language skills to communicate (maybe I’d better brush up on my French too!).  We’re praying that God will use this trip as he sees fit – whether that’s to touch lives in Haiti or whether that’s to touch our own lives and to deepen our walk with Him.

Will you pray with us as we prepare to go to Haiti?  Pray for the physical preparations, of course – but also pray for God to prepare us spiritually for what we’ll see and experience in Haiti.

Pray too as we begin to raise funds for Haiti.  As the project leader, Kevin’s trip expenses are covered – but the rest of us will need to raise a total of just under $5,000.  Amazingly enough, we’ve already had almost 30% of that total donated.   The girls are also babysitting & dog-walking – and Talia is loom-knitting some hats to sell for her “Haiti Fund” (see them here).  If God’s calling you to partner with us on our Haiti trip, you can donate online or check out our support team page for other options. Gifts for our Haiti trip can be marked “Project #10048 – Michele, Talia & Kaisa”.

Thanks, as always, for walking with our family as we minister.  So many of you have come alongside us with prayers, encouragement, and financial support – it’s humbling to see the team that God puts together for his purposes!


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