The week in brief

Kevin isn’t home yet – that will take a few more days – but he is back to a major centre and has at least intermittent internet.  We even managed to Skype this evening for a few minutes (after failing to get a good connection earlier today)

Kevin’s sent some pictures and some emails – but his phone cratered partway through the week, so the emails he wrote earlier with the intention of sending when he got back online may be lost in oblivion. So I’ll have to wait until he gets home to actually hear the details of the week.  But here’s what he wrote on Saturday:

We are just finishing up our time in the village and heading back to our
hotel in Yangon. Our presentation last night had lots of "ooo's" and
"aaaah's" so we considered it a success. They are very excited about the
plan and said it was "better than our dreams". 

We have been eating very well. The attached picture is how well we ate 3
times per day. The table was full and the dishes never repeated themselves.
We did get rice at least twice per day. But for breakfasts they mostly
gave us non-traditional food such as pastries and coffee. 

The mosquitos were biting me through the mosquito net. Wherever it sagged
and rested on my skin, I would get a rash of bites in that area. My knees
are especially bad. 

Each morning we are woken up at 4 by the monastery chanting, and then at 5
the worship singing from the Bible School starts. The rooster starts at 3.
The frogs are random all night long. And there is even a grandfather clock
in the village that goes every hour. We have all been up before 6 every day.

It’s Sunday already in Myanmar, and the team had a good night’s sleep at the hotel and was going to be heading out for breakfast and some tourist attractions during the day.  The last day is a day of debriefing – which includes some relaxation, but also a chance for the team to chat about what they’ve seen and experienced and to begin to process that before they jump back into their “real world.”  Please pray for them that they’re open to God’s voice, pray for the team member who is still feeling under the weather, and pray for the long travels ahead . . .


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