Well . . . it sounds like Kevin & the team made a special trip to an internet cafe to get some emails out.  I wasn’t expecting to hear from him until he was back in the city, so what a treat.

Kevin says they’re doing great, they’re getting very well fed and taken care of, and they’re getting along fine as a team.  Pray for two team members who aren’t getting enough sleep due to the heat, humidity & mosquitoes . . . there’s concern that they might be getting sick.

The design is going well, but as expected, communication continues to be an issue.  Please pray for clear, cross-cultural communication and appropriate expectations.  Because North American’s aren’t great at reading Asian social cues, Kevin & the team aren’t always sure how much of what they’re communicating is actually being understood as they intended.  Pray that despite any miscommunications, that ultimately it’s God’s plan that gets put on paper.

Pray too for the families back home . . . I know I always find the trip much longer when Kevin can’t text or email regularly.  We know he’s doing fine and he’s where he’s supposed to be . . . but we still miss him.


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