No more news

Well . . . it appears that Kevin & the team don’t have much internet access.  I got an email from Hong Kong, saying the team had arrived there and was ready to fly on to Myanmar.  Then I saw an online comment from one of the interns saying that they’d actually landed in-country.  But since then, I haven’t heard a thing.

I do know that they were travelling a few hours from where they were landing to the site.  They didn’t know a lot about the scope of the vision – so that will have been the first priority for the team.  Pray for clear communication throughout the week – Asian communication patterns and North American communication patterns can be so different, and it’s so important that they all understand each other.

There’s a good chance I won’t have more to post until next week . . . but please pray anyways!  Here’s a prayer guide if you need ideas what to pray for:

Project Trip Prayer Guide


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