Summer, Fall, and . . . Myanmar.

Well . . . summer has come and gone (and Calgary even had a brief foray into Winter 😉 ) . . . we had a wonderful summer – we made a quick weekend trip to Penticton to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday, and then spent the rest of our vacation time camping in Jasper and then in the Kootneys (were Kevin went on a special hike with his brothers and his Dad to celebrate his Dad’s 70th birthday).  We saw lots of God’s majesty and were reminded again of what a beautiful country we live in!

The kids started school again – both in Junior High now! – and I’m back in the office regularly.  Fall means more of a regular routine again, and I think we’re almost there.

Today, though, Kevin left for his Fall project trip, this time to Myanmar . . . he connected with me from the Vancouver Airport to let me know they’d arrived, and now is on the long flight over the Pacific.  A long-overdue WiensWanderings newsletter should be coming out later tonight (if technology plays nice) which will give some of the details . . . but here’s the project profile for those who want to be in the know.

Kevin’s not terribly hopeful that he’ll have much internet while he’s in country, but I’ll keep you updated as best I can . . .


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