Well Into Summer

Wow . . . the weeks have just flown by and every day seems to bring new adventures.

After surviving exam week – Kaisa had her grade 6 provincial achievement tests, and Talia had final exams for the first time – school started winding down and end of year celebrations began.

Kaisa graduated from grade 6 – the end of elementary school in Alberta. She also passed her A-2 exam (the test the students take at the end of the German Bilingual Program).  It’s still sinking in that we no longer have elementary-aged children.  It’s the end of an era . . . sigh . . . 

We’ve jumped right into summer activities . . . we spent the weekend camping as soon as school was out, the girls ran their annual Canada day triathlon,  the cousins came down for a few days, and the girls have enjoyed some playdates.  We’ve enjoyed stampede activities and other “staycation” freebies like the beach, Shakespeare by the Bow, and watching horse jumping.  

Talia actually just passed her Bronze Medallion course – one step closer to becoming a certified lifeguard.  It was an intense 20-hour course (4 hours a day from Monday to Friday, mostly in the water).  Now both girls are getting ready to head off to camp next week – which will give me a chance to get into the office for a few days (my hours are pretty sporadic while the kids are off school).

Kevin, of course, has still been in the Engineering Ministries office regularly.  He recently published the D.R. Congo project, and he and his interns are working towards publishing the Ghana project by the end of the summer.  He’s off to Asia after the summer . . . he’s currently recruiting a team to design a Missions College Campus in Myanmar.

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer too!  Let us know if your summer wanderings happen to take you to the Calgary area . . . 





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