Looking back at the week

Here’s another email that came in from Kevin . . . this one written earlier this week, just before the final presentation.  Sorry about the non-chronological order, but this is how I’m getting them.  I did manage to find a team picture that one of the Ghanaian engineers posted on the Engineering Ministries Facebook Page :

It looks like the team will be up late tonight finishing everything up. It’s 9:30 and no one is heading to bed yet but I might. I took some antibiotics at noon today and I feel much better now. Hopefully I’ll sleep well and my lung infection will be gone.

 Our presentation is at 3:00pm on Friday but we have a mini presentation at 10:30, so we effectively have to be done before then. This massive team has been a little unwieldly at times but it is working out, mostly. It took a while for us all to get our roles figured out.  

The Team

 Kofi, our Ghana engineer was only with us until mid-Tuesday. He finished the survey and then had to hurry home. However, another civil Ghanaian engineer, Nana, has joined us for the week. He has brought valuable local knowledge and is a hard worker. We really appreciate him. He didn’t know about EMI until he arrived here. His cousin who works on the compound invited him to come and we didn’t know he was coming until he just showed up on Sunday. A Ghanaian electrical engineer joined us for two days. He was a ministry board member but helped us out since we did not have an electrical engineer in our group. So we have had a wealth of local engineering expertise.

Our EMI interns are working very hard and are filling the gaps where needed. They are being appreciated too.

 Our food has been excellent, with about half of it very familiar to us, and the rest much more local. There was backup for the local food.

 I’ve had to leave the overhead fan on full blast every night because it was so hot. I can’t sleep with any sheets, either. I can’t wait for Canadian winter again. Well, probably not, but I’d appreciate some relief from the heat.

I’ve done some evening exercises but not any running. I can’t imagine doing that. (Kevin is running a 50 K just days after getting back from Ghana)

On Saturday we are going to go visit a hydroelectric dam. We’ll be done our work and it will be a welcome break.


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