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Kevin is back in Accra . . . which means internet access and project updates.  Here’s some more information on the final presentation:

The presentation on Friday went very well. In attendance were 8 local chiefs including the regional paramount chief. Many villagers also came to see if the rumour about a new hospital really was true. There was a lot of cheering as we presented, and as they realized the goal was that this hospital would become the “best hospital in Ghana”. The rich would pay high prices to come here and would subsidize the poorer folks giving them equal access. Dr. Mensah, our client introduced us the some of the best experts in the world who were now in Carpenter working on this project. We felt honoured.

On Saturday we went to a local dam that was just commissioned a few months ago. They are very proud of it, and it has immensely improved the power availability in the area. Because we were engineers, they took us into the inner workings of the dam, right down to the turbines. We don’t often get that privilege when we tour these things in Canada. They went all out for our finale dinner, and then we crowded into someone’s living room to watch the soccer game.

Now we’re on the 5 hour drive to the airport.

Just a quick text since they’ve actually arrived in Accra:

We’re back in Accra. Going for dinner then debriefing tonight.

I believe that debriefing would have already happened . . . and they’re hopefully having a good night’s sleep before the long journey home . . .


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