Wake Up Call from Ghana

I got a phone call from Ghana this morning!!!!  Kevin said he’s been writing and texting, but I haven’t been receiving his emails, and just received one text (right after the phone call).  I guess there’s only a 5 m x 5 m area where they can get any reception – and even the phone call starting breaking up after a few minutes.  But it was SO good to hear his voice.

So – the updates.  First, one health-related one.  Kevin has developed a bit of a cough, and it’s apparently gotten deep enough into his lungs that they’ve given him some antibiotics.  The rest of the team is doing fine,  so pray that they don’t get it and that whatever it is clears up quickly.

Then the project.  Kevin says that despite the unwieldy size of the team, they’re working well together and it looks like they’re all moving in the same direction.  That’s a good thing 🙂  They did have a bit of a glitch with the survey . . . and unfortunately, their surveyor was only there for a few days, and he left before the error was discovered.  So pray for Kevin and the interns; while it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal for the surveyor to figure out what went wrong, it’s a bit of a bigger job for these guys to step in and find it.

The team has about a day and a half left  – and they’re expecting 100-200 people at the final presentation!  I asked Kevin who was going to be there, and he said “the chiefs and all their friends”.  Pray for these last few days, that they’re able to pull everything together and that the presentation would be well received.

I’m not expecting to hear much more before they’re back in Accra – but please keep praying anyways!



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