No news is good news

Well . . . I’ve been postponing this post, hoping to be able to confirm that Kevin & his team arrived safe & sound in Carpenter.  But, while Kevin let me know that he and most of his team arrived in Accra on Friday night, I haven’t actually heard from him since.  He knew that internet might be an issue, so this is likely just an indication that I’ll be hearing less from Kevin this trip – and  no news is good news.  It makes me realize just how spoiled I usually am, with daily contact even while he’s on site!

What I do know: the Engineering Ministries International team – minus one member who apparently missed a flight and would be behind by a day – were spending Friday night in Accra.  On Saturday they were planning to fly a domestic flight to Kumasi, and then drive (about 3 hours?) to Carpenter. They likely joined a local church service on Sunday morning – and quite possibly spent some time walking the site or chatting with the ministry representatives in the afternoon.  It’s just before 6 a.m. Monday morning right now in Ghana, and if all is going according to plan, they’ll be waking up soon, and the work will begin in earnest today for the team.  This could include programming meetings, surveying, inspecting the site and any existing infrastructure etc. etc.  Please pray as they attempt to assemble all the relevant information that will inform their design.  Pray that they’ll work well together as a team, and that they’ll work well with the ministry reps.  Most of all, pray that the design that comes out of their week of efforts will be a clear representation of God’s vision for this hospital!

Hopefully I’ll have more to report soon . . .


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