Going to Ghana

Yes, it seems like Kevin just came home from his last project trip . . .  but with a late Term 1 trip, and an early Term 2 trip, Kevin is off again – not next month or next week, but TOMORROW!  This trip seems to have snuck up on us (at least on the girls and I  – Kevin’s been busy with all the logistics) . . .  today Kevin & I went out for our pre-trip lunch date ( 🙂 )  and I actually got to hear a few more details.

Kevin has packing down to an art form . . . it doesn’t take him long to run through his list and be all packed up.

Kevin and the team are heading to Carpenter, Ghana to design a hospital.  The project description is here, but basically, GRID (Ghana Rural Integrated Development) has been hosting short term medical teams and they feel that it’s time for a permanent hospital in the region.  Kevin’s got a huge team this go round – 15 design professionals – including a few from the company he used to work for.  Please pray for safe travels, as well as for good group dynamics . . . and I’ll keep you posted as much as I can.


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