This & That

Kevin’s last email was filled with some random facts:

The campus we are staying on has a rule that all students much speak only French. The local language is Swahili so church is in Swahili but everything on campus must be French. So we are getting to practice a lot. I’ve got a couple people on my team out of pickle a few times already with my little bit of French. I’m glad I’ve been brushing up.  (While French is the official language of the D.R. Congo, four indigenous languages have status as “national languages” – Bunia is in the Swahili-speaking region).

It’s the dry season so there aren’t very many bugs around. However, one of the local missionaries is an avid collector of bugs. They have a fridge and freezer dedicated to bugs they’ve collected. They ask everyone to bring them the biggest and craziest looking bugs. He even gives the local street boys butterfly nets to catch them for him. Anything for entertainment. (I’m hoping for pictures – I think).

We’re expecting eggs and bread again for breakfast. They are feeding us very well this week. Potatoes and rice are the staples for every lunch and dinner. We have only been given beans once so far. (In many regions of Africa, rice & beans are pretty standard fare).


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