Working Hard

Kevin’s Monday-Tuesday update sounds like they’ve been busy: We’ve been working really hard yesterday and today and we’re dragging pretty low right now. We’re pretty happy with how much we got done already. Only a couple more days. We’re doing our presentation on Thursday evening. We’ve had very good discussions with the leadership about their vision, and opinions on the plan as it unfolded. We even had student council representative give us some feedback today. We are essentially doing 2 master plans, one for each campus. So we basically had 3 days to do the first one, and 3 days to do the second one. So, pray for them as they try to get their second master plan done.  That’s a lot to do in a week!  Pray for endurance and energy for the next couple days. It’s not all work though – they have plan some time to rejuvenate: Tomorrow night we are getting together with the SP missionaries for a prayer meeting and then on Thursday evening we hope to go play Ultimate at the UN compound. They are the only ones around here who have lights on a big field. Pray that the breaks will refresh their minds and refocus their energy!


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