Rested and Ready to Go

Two emails from Kevin . . . he writes them when he can, and then sends whenever he can connect to the internet

#1 Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We made it to Bunia finally. After a lot of flights it was good to finally settle in. It is 7 pm and we are already very tired. We met Aaron in the airport as he was leaving to go back to Uganda. He and Ben got a lot of survey done, but probably less than half of what we need for this week. It sounds like a whole lot of work this week but we’ll see how much we can accomplish.

In the MAF flight we were flying at 10,000 feet, so I immediately got an altitude headache. Then I got airsick on the way down. Next time I need to take 2 doses of pills. I tried to replenish my water, but I still have a headache. I’ll be thinking clearer in the morning, hopefully.

#2 Saturday Morning

I’ve woken up with a much clearer head this morning. I was in bed by 8:00, but woke to music from the nearby restaurants that went until 2:00. Then the Muslim call to prayer was at 4:00. So it was a fitful sleep but right now I feel ready to go.

Someone brings us hot water in a bucket each morning and evening. But it was too hot to shower in. So you have to mix it with cold, and then dump it on your head. It takes a little more time, but I managed not to get burned.

Breakfast is in a couple minutes so I’d better go.

So, pray for the team as they start their project – that the surveyors can get the rest of the survey done, that the team will stay healthy, that they’ll be able to make the cultural adjustments that they need to make, and that they’ll be able to catch God’s vision for Shalom University and put it on paper.  It’s a tall order, but thankfully we serve a God who specializes in the impossible 🙂


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