It’s . . . February?

Where did the first month of 2014 go?  I’m sure I was there for it . . . I have pictures of walks in the snow, ice skating, and a very special birthday party for a newly-minted teenager . . . but somehow I now find myself at the end of the first week of February.  And I’m afraid February is going to go just as fast.

Kevin left this morning for Winnipeg . . . where apparently it’s even colder than it is in Calgary right now :).  Today he was presenting at Red River College and at the University of Winnipeg, tomorrow he’s part of a missions conference at Steinbach Bible College, and then it’s Missionfest Manitoba all weekend.

Kevin gets home Sunday night  – and then heads out to the D.R. Congo a few days later.  The project team has had a few hiccups before the team has even left home – a delayed visa, a missed connection, a (possible) broken foot, a computer issue – so please pray that everything comes together and that the trip itself will go smoothly.  This project is a campus development – the expansion of a Christian university that aims to train Christian leaders to be a light in midst of Congo (read more here).  I’ve been reading a bit of Congo history, and would certainly concur that light is needed!

While Kevin’s gone, we’ll have a very short-term homestay student joining us for a week or two.  The friend of one of our former Japanese students, she’s back to visit friends in Calgary.  She used to be active in English Corner, so we’re excited to see her again.

The girls & I are also heading up for the to Missionsfest Alberta towards the end of the month.  My kids love Missionsfests as much as I do – they wouldn’t even let me think about missing it since Kevin isn’t around.  Will any of you be there?

Please pray for Kevin’s trip – and pray for us back at home.  With the Missionfest weekend tacked on, it seems like a long stretch this time (especially since there’s an extra-long weekend tucked in there that Dad won’t be around for).  I’ll keep you posted as much as I can!




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