Out at Camp – and Michele’s adventure

Kevin has spent the last couple days out at camp – specifically the camp site that he & the team are designing out in Nanegalito.  I haven’t heard too much from him since he left, since the camp itself doesn’t have an internet connection. But all seems to be going well, and I’m looking forward to a more detailed update later tonight.

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll see Kevin’s update though, as I’m off on my own adventure today. As some of you know, my Daddy has invited me to join him on a “bucket list” trip to China. (He wanted to go to Asia, and my Mom said “take your daughter, I’d rather watch the grandkids 😉 ). I’m excited to be going back to China – it’s been 20 years since I spent the summer there in my university days. It does mean that my family is spending Thanksgiving in 3 different countries (and four cities, as Kaisa is joining Grandma & Grandpa in visiting the cousins).

Please pray for all of us as we’re scattered across the world 🙂


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