Monday – On Site

Today we drove out to the site after breakfast. We met the site engineer and the contractor. We had a meeting with the ministry representative and with the American construction manager. Now we think we have some direction and we are barrelling ahead. We set up the site office in a big tent with one side open to the view of the mountains. Also, we can see the site where our new gymnasium will go.

The morning was nice and warm and we were actually very warm after carrying our suitcases, food, propane, stoves, and all the food from the bus to the kitchen. Almost right at noon, the clouds rolled in like they do every day. We are in the cloud forest. Meaning the humidity is very high, the clouds are low and it could rain at any time. But we haven’t seen any rain yet. We haven’t hit the rainy season yet, but it could still rain. And now that it’s getting to dinner time, we are starting to look for our long sleeves. At night we need wool blankets. It’s amazing how wide ranging the temperature is.

There are about 10 guys on the site building 2 other buildings. They hope to have these buildings finished by February when the next camping season starts. The construction of our building would begin after this, once the fundraising is done. Apparently, they still need to raise the funds for these buildings we’re designing.

We have a great team. There are only 7 of us so we are all getting to know each other quite well. Marianne brought enough knitting to do to last a week but she is helping out wherever she can. Craig (Eric’s 14 yo son) is helping us with measurements. Jackie, Sheila, and Suellen are sticking close together and are seemingly all getting along nicely. They are all drafting this afternoon. Kelly is providing the architectural leadership and the big picture for this site. Kevin R is providing the structural support and I’m running around doing a little of everything.

Our presentation will be on Thursday evening, so we need to keep this design moving.


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