Ecuador & RIDE Day

So . . . Kevin left yesterday for Ecuador – and they were already on the site today (there are advantages to those trips to Latin America!).  Here’s what he has to say:

This morning we drove to the site for the day and got a tour of the existing construction and the whole land. We heard the vision of the ministry for a youth camp of 200 campers. The camp will serve the churches and youth of the large diverse city of Quito. Daniel, the ministry leader, is very excited to see this camp being built and sees the effect it is already having on lives.

The land is very steep and therefore very challenging to build on but they are already holding some camps and making it work. The new buildings will be for more dormitories and to facilitate indoor meetings and activities.

 It is a small team but the logistics are still a bit complicated since there is no van to take us around. We need 2 cars to go everywhere. So far the food and accommodations are great. Fast wifi and the showers have a tiny bit of hot water. It’s 5:30 and we are all wearing long sleeves. It’s definitely not as hot as other project trips.

And there are 3 puppies on site! Kaisa would probably melt if she were here.

 And, while Dad was walking the site in Ecuador . . . Talia & Kaisa were biking 25 km to raise money for the youth camp design.  We had about a dozen eMi riders out at the Calgary location of Ride for Refuge – and they all really stood out in their bright yellow (sorry – gold) shirts! 

Across Canada, eMi Canada had almost 60 riders . . . and right now they’re less than $1000 short of their goal which would sponsor both Kevin’s Ecuador project and a school design in Burundi that should be happening sometime next year.

Keep praying for Kevin & his team as they tackle the design challenges of a very steep site in Ecuador. I’ll keep you posted as I get Kevin’s emails.





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