September Start-up

We’re quickly heading towards the end of September, and I’m wondering where the month went . . .  September is always busy, but this year has seemed especially so.

First – THANK YOU FOR PRAYING – Kevin’s team to Ecuador is now full.  Both a structural engineer and an additional architect have joined the team, and Kevin is preparing to head out in less than two weeks.

On the home front . . .

Kaisa is in her last year of the German program this year.  Besides school, she’s continuing her guitar lessons, and enthusiastically enjoying activities like scrapbooking and a sports sampler at a local kids club.  She volunteers in the church nursery, and she has a “job” walking the neighbour dogs.  Oh – and she was given a hamster for her birthday, so that’s keeping her busy too. She’s also decided to become a team captain for Ride for Refuge to get other kids excited about riding for eMi.

Talia has just started junior high – in French.  I’m amazed at how much she’s learned already in the late French immersion program, especially because coming from the German program she had no French at the elementary level.  Lots of homework though!  Junior high also means Youth Group for Talia, as well as more extra-curricular activities (she’s on the cross-country team right now).  Talia also continues to volunteer in the church library and swim for the Junior Lifesaving Club, and she’s starting to babysit more regularly (and yes, she’s also riding for Ride for Refuge).

Kevin is preparing for his fall project trip, and he’s working hard at acquiring some Spanish.  We’re thankful for a library that has lots of self study materials! Kevin’s still running regularly, but taking it easy (& trying out a bit of barefoot running) to ensure that he doesn’t aggravate a sore knee. He’s participating in some of the men’s activities in church, and our family is still part of a terrific Care Group.

I’ve adjusted my EMI work schedule around two kids in two different schools with two different schedules. I’ve also increased my involvement with Cooperative ESL Ministries – in addition to facilitating some intercultural training with them, I’m now also doing a bit of their communications. Aside from work, I’m still coordinating English Corner, teaching Sunday School, and will again be volunteering at Kaisa’s school.  I’m also brushing up on my 20 words of  Mandarin – my Dad has asked me to accompany him on a tour of China!  I’m excited to be going back, and the kids are excited to have Oma (my mom) staying with them for the duration.

Whew – and I wonder why life feels busy.  We actually did very little this past weekend, and that was just what we needed.  Like most families, we struggle with keeping a balance between all the great things that we can be involved in, and not over-scheduling our lives. Pray with us that we would be wise in deciding what to be involved in, that we would be salt & light as we go about our daily activities – and that we would accept the rest that Christ offers us, even in the midst of busy-ness.


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