Praying for a Structural Engineer

We had a great holiday, a great last week of summer, and we’re now are slowly moving towards something resembling routine as the school year has started and all that goes with that.  I’ll do a family update very soon.

But today I’d like to ask you to pray – rather urgently – for a structural engineer for Kevin’s trip.  After the Burundi trip was postponed, and a Brazil trip fell through, Kevin had a rather late start in recruiting a team to join him to Ecuador to design the second phase of a youth camp.  Even while on holidays, he spent a lot of hours organizing logistics and sending out emails to potential team members.  He’s supposed to be leaving in 3 1/2 weeks . . . but without a structural engineer – preferably one who has some experience in seismic design – the trip can’t happen. Ideally, Kevin would also like a second architect to come along.  So please pray that the structural and the architect for this trip would hear God’s voice and respond – SOON.  And if you happen to know someone who might fit the bill, please let them know about this opportunity.

Here’s some more information about the project – the site is just north of Quito, in Ecuador and Kevin’s team will be designing the multi-purpose auditorium and dormitories:

Thanks for your prayers!


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