After 5 nights at a friend’s house, it is so good to be back home again for the night!

It’s certainly not our first time back to the house . . . in fact, we were able to check on things as early as Saturday morning.  No flooding – not even any sewer backup.   We even had hot water  – just no electricity.  We walked around our neighbourhood . . . just down the hill from us, the bus stop was flooded up to the seat of the bench.  Some roads were fine, some were still impassible. And some houses had no damage, while others had basements full.

It was actually a bit surreal, driving home on Saturday morning.  Because bridges on all sides of Bowness were still closed to traffic, we cut through a community north of us on our way to the highway . . . and we realized just how little those away from the river were actually affected by the events.  Calgary was in a state of emergency . . . and this community was having its parade of garage sales!  (That said . . . after we checked out the house . . . we went back to find some bargains.  With the recreation centres and libraries still closed, it was a good way to keep the girls occupied for an hour or two 😉 )

Streets on either side of us had electricity, so we figured we’d be home within hours . . . but power wasn’t actually restored to our home until late last night.  Thankfully we were able to move fridge and freezer items, and lost very little.  You feel guilty feeling frustrated with a lack of power when you know others have lost so much more. But it’s also amazing how tiring being “displaced” can be, even when you know everything is safe and it’s just a matter of time.  (Yes, we did consider heading home and “camping out” . . . but then there was some conflicting information about whether we could or couldn’t use the sewer system . . . so we decided to stay put).

We were certainly spoiled while we were away from home.  Besides our friends who opened their home to us, we had others invite us for meals, and Talia and Kaisa both had chances to go on playdates at friends’ houses who were unaffected.  The girls were able to go swimming at the Silver Springs Pool, and our family had dinner at NOtaBLES . . . both free to “displaced Bownesians”.  We had many many emails checking to see if we were okay and offering help.

Now that we’re back home, we’re more able to help others, too.  One of our eMi Board Members came home to a basement full of water.  Kevin and others at the eMi office were there today, helping him and his neighbours with the clean up process.  Our church is already talking about going to help the High River Baptist Church.  It feels good to be among the “helpers” rather than the “helped” again.

Here’s a picture of the same bridge that I posted last time . . . isn’t it amazing how much the water has dropped already?  And I thought a rainbow was a very appropriate ending to this post 🙂



2 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Anonymous

    We’re so glad to hear you are all fine, and that everything is OK! We’ll keep on praying for those who were not so blessed!

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