Calgary Flooding

Just wanted to do a quick update on the flooding situation and how that’s affecting us.

Our neighbourhood is under mandatory evacuation.  We were asked to leave yesterday after dinner.  We actually had offers of places to stay before we even realized we were being evacuated!  Thank you to everyone who checked in on us and offered help. We’ll be staying with friends for a few days until we’re allowed back home. The schools and the eMi office were closed today, and large parts of Calgary are at a standstill.

Our home shouldn’t be in any danger of flooding.  While we live right near the river, we are actually quite high up.  There’s a possibility that we’ll face a backed up sewer or something, but that should be the worst of it.  There are many others in Calgary, though, who are facing a lot of damage.

Here’s a picture we found online earlier today:

For those of you who have been to our place . . . this is the bridge looking from the Safeway towards Bowness.  We cross this bridge almost every day!

Thanks for your continued prayers for Calgary . . .


One thought on “Calgary Flooding

  1. Annie

    Thank you for posting. I had just sent you an email, wondering how you’re doing. So glad you’re ok and your home should be basically ok. May you be able to handle this time of evacutation well, and hopefully you can be back home soon!

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