Heart for Home Haiti

Kevin has now returned from Haiti where he led a team to design a new vocational school. The school reaches out to orphans aging out of their orphanage and who need to be integrated into society with a job and some life skills. The school will teach carpentry, welding, agriculture, as well as sewing, cooking, English and computer skills. These vital skills ensure the students can learn self-sufficiency as they find jobs and make their way as young adults. The director of the school is a former Haitian orphan himself and has returned to Haiti to give back what he can to these students while ensuring a Christ-centered program. The design team came up with a master plan, building designs and infrastructure layout for the 12 acres. The fundraising is well underway with construction expected in the coming months.

Thanks for praying for the team from all over North America, only a few of which knew each other. We got along quite well and were able to work together to produce a conceptual design that was well received. We truly believe in this project and look forward to seeing God at work on this site for many years to come.

Project Description and location: http://emicanada.org/projects/projectprofile_10034.shtml

Team Capturing the VisionFinal PresentationVisiting an Orphanage


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