Back in Haiti

Received the following text message from Kevin tonight:

“We’re here. Long day but well fed and settling in.

Here is Haiti . . . Port Salut to be more precise.  Kevin and an amazing team of volunteers left yesterday to join Ricot Leon, a former Haitian orphan who wants to make Haiti a better place.  He wants to make Haiti a place that Haitians want to stay rather than leave – and part of that process is providing vocational training for orphans who are “graduating” out of the system.  His ministry, Heart for Home Haiti, has 10 acres of land and Kevin & the team are going to help design this vision.  Here’s the project profile, with a map and details.

I’m not sure how much internet Kevin will have this week . . . but I’ll try to keep you posted.  Pray for the team – lots of repeat volunteers on this one, with just a couple of “newbies”. But each trip is different, and all the volunteers need to be held up in prayer.  It’s a big project in a short time frame.  Pray that they can catch the vision quickly and well.  Also pray for Ricot’s family. He just had a new baby born last month, and I believe his family is still in Canada, while he returned without them to host the eMi team.

Thanks for your prayers!




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