Mission Fest Season

Spring is Mission Fest Season at eMi Canada . . . and it’s one of our favourite times of the year.  Our whole family goes to Missions Fest Alberta.  It’s like a big missions family reunion – we’ve been going for the past 6 years, after all.  The kids have made friends among the other exhibitors, and it’s neat to see them interacting with other ministries.  We discovered we were next to Climbing for Christ this year . . . and the first thing the exhibitor said when she saw Kaisa was “I was praying for you last night!”  Kaisa also discovered her friend from Blessing the Children was back . . . we hardly saw her all weekend.

Talia attended some of the youth events this year . . . another milestone as we watch her grown up way too fast.  We met up with some friends from the Calgary area, so it was nice for Talia to have a friend to explore the world of youth events with :).  The Friday evening youth rally was apparently amazing . . . something like 400 youth all getting fired up about world missions 🙂

Kevin and I spent a lot of time sharing about what Engineering Ministries International does – whether at our booth or whether wandering around and chatting with other exhibitors who might need eMi’s services in the future . . . it’s exciting to see the needs eMi fills, both in serving other ministries, and in providing design professionals with opportunities to serve!

Kevin also got to go to Missionfest Manitoba this year. It was a COLD weekend . . . cold enough that the Missionfest provided a roaming tow truck in the parking lot in case your car didn’t start after attending . . .  .  but people braved the cold to hear how God is working all over the world.

We’re missing a Missions Conference this weekend though . . . our hometown of Fort St. John puts on a fabulous Mission Vision conference every March.  Up until now we’ve managed to go every year, sometimes as a whole family, and sometimes just Kevin or I.  But Kevin left for Haiti on a project trip this morning (more details tomorrow) – and I wasn’t quite up to the drive without him.  We’ll be back next year, God willing . . . but I’m wishing we could be there now!  Praying for a good weekend for everyone at Mission Vision!


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