Michele’s Role at eMi

We often talk about Kevin’s role at eMi . . . especially as related to project trips.  It’s sometimes harder for people  to visualize exactly what I do when I’m at the office.  So here’s just a few of the things that I’ve been working on in the week or two since Christmas:

1) I edited an “Association of Christians Design Professionals” newsletter article.  This one will be coming out mid-February.  Each month, a different office is responsible for drafting a technically-based article about developing world design.  It’s my job to make sure the finished product is well-written, accurate and interesting . . . then to pass it to someone in the US office for graphic design.  Usually that takes a few back and forths with the author until we get it just right.  And I get to learn lots about all sorts of interesting technical topics!

2) I worked on Missionsfest Display Panels.  We’re replacing the black project trip display panels that have been an eMi Canada  staple at Missionsfests for so many years.  We have a volunteer doing the actual graphic design of our new panels, but I’ve been selecting pictures, writing and editing text, trying to make sure we catch any typos, and trying to consolidate the feedback from all of us in the office who are involved in the process.

3) I updated the website.  Just minor changes this time – I took down the information about year end donations and put up information about Missionsfest, and I took down the info about our 10 year anniversary and put up information about the upcoming interns application deadline.  There are still a few sections of the website I’d like to redo completely to make them more user friendly . . . that takes a lot of thinking about how people use our website and what kind of information they’re looking for.

4) I sent out a Missionfest Email.  If you’re in BC, you probably received an email about eMi’s involvement Missionfest Vancouver.  Next week I’ll send one out to the Manitoba folks (Kevin will actually be at Missionfest Manitoba this year!).  These emails remind people to stop by our booth and to bring friends by who might be interested in Engineering Ministries International.  They also provide scheduling information for anyone who wants to have one of the eMi staff members come speak to their group while we’re in the area.

5) I listened to a Facebook Webinar.  And read a few short articles on using social media as a nonprofit.  I shared the best information with our inter-office eMi facebook team.  I posted an update or two on various social media channels, and I monitored the information from our client ministries’ social media pages – often that’s how we hear that something eMi has designed is being built – or, even better, that an eMi-designed project is now impacting lives.

6) I read emails and answered phones.  I updated a few addresses, added someone to our email list, and spent some time cleaning off my desk . . .

So – those are the types of things I do.  A lot of them sound fairly mundane – but they’re part of sharing the story of what God’s been doing through eMi.  And that’s something I’m excited about!



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