10 Years of Impact

Posted: December 13, 2012 by Michele in Engineering Ministries International, family, missions

10 years ago, in the Spring, Kevin went on his first eMi trip.  At the time, there wasn’t an eMi Canada office . . . that wouldn’t be established until the fall of that year.  In fact, at the time, Kevin was the 47th Canadian to be added to the eMi database and one of the first dozen to go on a trip.

Kevin in Cambodia

In 2002, we wouldn’t have imagined us here in Calgary, as missionaries on staff with Engineering Ministries International Canada. Kevin was happily employed in the consulting business, we were expecting our second child, and we were quite content with the status quo.  20 project trips and 1 disaster response trip later, and we’re very glad that God shook up our world and sent us in a new direction . . .

Our first prayer card

Our first prayer card

This fall, eMi Canada has been celebrating 10 Years of Impact.

Dessert Evening & Silent Auction

Dessert Evening & Silent Auction

As we prepared for our dessert evening and silent auction last month, we started thinking about all the ways eMi Canada has had an impact.  There’s the obvious one, of course . . . we’ve had an impact on the ministries for which we’ve provided design services – and on the people that they serve.  The women who receive life-changing surgeries at the Fistula Centre in Niger . . . the kids who have a home in eMi-designed orphanages . . . the students in the Philippines who now have access to a school . . .

Patient at the Danja Fistula Centre

Patient at the Danja Fistula Centre

But eMi Canada has a mandate to enrich the lives of those who give as well as those who receive.  The impact extends to the volunteers who have gone on our trips, the interns who have spent a semester in the eMi Canada office, the supporters who hear the stories of what eMi is doing around the world, even the runners and cyclists who fundraise for TEAM EMI.

TEAM EMI Runners

TEAM EMI Runners

eMi Canada has definitely impacted OUR life.  I’ve often said we have a front-row seat to what God is doing around the world.  It’s exciting to hear Kevin come how with stories of how God is using the ministries he goes to serve (and even more exciting when I get to go see first-hand).  We pray more for world events, because we have personal connections to the countries in the headlines.  Our kids have an amazing awareness and sensitivity for missions and the developing world . . . and dream of heading overseas themselves one day.  We clearly see our role with eMi as a part of the body of Christ, serving with the gifts God has given us.

Kevin surveying in Tanzania

Kevin surveying in Tanzania

Has eMi impacted your life? We’d love to hear about it!  We’d also love to hear how you see yourselves as part of the body of Christ, serving with the gifts God has given you . . . whether that’s through a ministry, through a church, or through personal relationships God has put in your path.

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