On the way home . . .

Kevin’s latest email . . .

On Saturday, we left Tabora and arrived safely in Mwanza after a flat tire and then another stop to get the flat repaired. We left on the safari on Sunday morning and drove for 10 hours, much of it while searching for animals. We camped (real tents) among the zebras and ate lunch the next day among other zebras. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of driving but it was another long day today (11 hours of driving). Tomorrow we head back to Mwanza to catch our afternoon flight.

Since the email, Kevin has called to let us know that they had arrived back in Mwanza, and were heading out to pick up their stuff before driving to the airport. It was early in the morning Tanzania time, and they’re flying out in the afternoon.

The kids were still awake, so they got to direct the conversation today . . . which means it was mostly about which animals Daddy saw on the safari.  I heard hippos, rhinos, lions, leopards, gorillas, monkeys, and of course lots of zebras.  I’m sure there were more, but Kevin was trying to keep the call short.  I think between various trips, then, Kevin has managed to see the “Big 5” (that’s the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and cape buffalo . . . and I think this was his first rhino).  Being a missionary definitely has some fringe benefits 😉

Now starts the loooong trip home. Pray for safety and good connections, and pray for Kevin and the team members as they continue to process everything they’ve experienced and figure out how best to share that with friends and family back home.


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