The work week: Done!

Kevin’s Friday update:

We’re done! Presentation is completed. It was a rushed finish this afternoon then a surprise church service in the middle of the afternoon, then our presentation right afterward. The design was very well received and they were very thankful.

We went to the pastor’s place for dinner and now we’re back at the hotel packing up to leave in the morning. All day drive to Mwanza, another night, then we get 2 nights on safari.

Hopefully I get to run again in the morning before bouncing in the car all day on terrible roads.

Here’s one thing I’ve never eaten before: impala beef jerky. It was homemade in South Africa by one of our volunteers. Great tasting and good afternoon snack in between the rice and beans.

Pray for the team as they enjoy some R&R (and Safari-ing!), along with some debriefing . . . a vital part of a short term missions trip.  It gives them a bit of a buffer between an intense time of ministry and a return to “normal life” . . . which, for some of them, may never feel quite normal again.


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